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Over The Edge for Kitsap Strong
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EVENT DATE:  Saturday, September 14th, 2019
LOCATION: Norm Dicks Government Center

345 6th St, Bremerton, WA

A number of brave Edgers will have the opportunity to rappel down the Norm Dicks Government Center building, in exchange for donations back to the amazing local non-profit organization, Kitsap Strong.

Learning happens when we leave our comfort zone, step out Over the Edge, and try something new. If we are going to grow and improve, we must challenge ourselves. Whether that new skill is learning to tie your shoe or fly an airplane - no one is born just knowing how to do it - you have to take the leap and try it, pick yourself back up, and try again. No matter what you are learning, it is more fun when you do it with friends.

That is why Kitsap Strong is working with over 100 organizations in our community to create a process and environment where agencies can come together to discuss complex social issues - homelessness, intergenerational poverty, ACEs, mental health issues, substance use, criminal activity - and develop innovative solutions for those problems, based on NEAR science. We encourage these organizations to step out - Over the Edge - into the unknown and know that we will be there to support them as they engage in difficult conversations, try new things, and explore innovative approaches to helping all people in our community flourish.  

How do I participate?

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  3. Fundraise $1000
  4. Experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rappel down the Norm Dicks Government Center!


Kitsap Strong is a community initiative to improve the health and well-being of all children, families, and adults in Kitsap.  Kitsap Strong achieves this goal by fostering equity and empowerment, preventing adverse childhood experiences, and building resiliency in individuals.  Over 80 different nonprofits and government agencies participate in Kitsap Strong in various ways.  It’s a collaborative, collective impact project that was created by and is driven by the community. 

Kitsap Strong consists of five “networks” that focus on achieving the overall goals through different strategies:

  1. The Innovation Network is focused on helping organizations become trauma-informed in all of their work;
  2. The NEAR Training Network is focused on educating the public about the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how to build resiliency;
  3. Graduate Strong is focused on increasing post-secondary education;
  4. The HEAL Network is focused on helping kids and adults be healthier in how they eat and exercise;
  5. Thriving Neighborhoods is focused on empowering neighbors to build resiliency within their communities.

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