Go Over The Edge for Boys & Girls Club of Washington County

Go Over The Edge for Boys & Girls Club by BGC of Washington County

Batman and Batwoman stand proud after rappelling down a building.

Think you've got what it takes to go Over the Edge? We know you do!

When dedicated people get behind a cause, great things can happen. That's why we need you.

Sign up as an individual or create a team of your own! Then share your support for the cause with your friends on social media and email. It's easy and funds will go directly to support the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County. Together, with a few good people like you, we can make great things happen for boys & girls in your neighborhood. You got this!

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Thank you for signing up to participate in our event!  You will receive an email with tips and tricks to get you to your minimum goal of $1,000.   Be sure to customize your Fundrazr Page to maximize the donation.  This is a fun peer-to-peer fundraiser supporting kids in need.  If you have any questions about the event or need tips to meet your goal,  reach out to E.J. Fuller at 301-733-5422 or ejfuller@bgcwc.org

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